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The Colorado Boards of Education Self-Funded Trust, or BEST Health Plan, was formed in 2004 by the Colorado Association of School Boards (CASB) as a financial vehicle for school districts to take control of health care costs through collaborative purchasing and risk sharing. The health plan is a non-profit health care Trust that is governed by its members and CASB leadership.

Today, BEST Health Plan serves 25 school organizations across the state, including districts in Colorado Springs, the San Luis Valley, and Eastern Plains. The Trust has generated more than $10 million in health care reserves for its participating districts and health care cost trends are well below market average. Sixty percent of participating districts have experienced improved benefits and no premium rate increase in the last five years. 


BEST Health Plan is a collaborative self-funding model that allows school districts to leverage successful health promotion and cost-reduction programs implemented by large, self-funded companies and retain the savings generated by these actions. For high-dollar claims, the TRUST purchases reinsurance on behalf of its member districts to stabilize natural swings in health care costs and minimize the financial impact of large, catastrophic incidents. 

In conjunction with Trust partners, BEST Health Plan provides a powerful framework for putting money back in to school budgets by engaging employees in their own health and health care costs.Offering and innovative approach to healthcare through a multitude of resources, BEST Health Plan can serve the needs of districts and district members anytime, anywhere. A concierge approach allows members to receive individual attention they need to make educated, cost containing decisions pertaining to their health cared needs.


  • Lower employee out-of-pocket costs

  • Collaborative vehicle for self-funding health care costs and retaining savings

  • Personalized member engagement

  • Simple plan designs that improve health and reduce unnecessary costs

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